Health Needs Assessment

A Health needs assessment (HNA) is an essential tool to inform commissioning and service planning. A HNA can be defined as a process of identifying the unmet health and healthcare needs of a population, and what changes are required to meet those unmet needs

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Oral Health Needs Assessment of Children and Young People in Bedfordshire 2024

The aim of this Oral Health Needs Assessment (OHNA) is to describe the oral health profile of children and young people living in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire, to provide an overview of the currently commissioned oral health improvement services in the area, and to identify any potential gaps in service provision.

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Beds NA Executive Summary.docx

The Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment was undertaken by the Public Health team, with contributions from key partners. It was developed in response to the Dame Carol Black review recommendations and the 10-year national drug strategy, From Harm to Hope (1,2). It will be used to inform the Combating Drugs Partnership (CDP) work plan and form the basis of a drug strategy to meet the aim of delivering on the three key priorities outlined in the national strategy:

• break drug supply chains;

• deliver a world-class treatment and recovery system; and

• achieve a generational shift in demand for drugs (see Appendix for the national strategy plan on a page).

This needs assessment draws on the latest national and local data from a wide range of sources. It includes engagement with many stakeholders, including treatment and recovery service providers, children and family centres, education services, youth offending services, and the criminal justice system.

The Drug and Alcohol Needs Assessment;

1. uses quantitative data sources to provide a descriptive analysis of impacts of alcohol and drug harms on the local population in the context of health inequalities and unmet need;

2. describes local law enforcement work and resources to break supply chains, including disrupting drug gang operations, bringing perpetrators to justice, and reducing violence and homicide;

3. describes current models of service provision, including routes into treatment, interventions, treatment engagement, and outcomes;

4. aids in the understanding of the complexities of drug misuse, treatment and recovery;

5. describes current local understanding and interventions and identify best practice towards achieving a generational shift in demand for drugs;

6. identifies areas for improvement and development in line with the three priorities identified in the national drug strategy to guide the development of the local strategy and delivery plan.

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A needs assessment for Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Councils, focusing on prevention, early intervention and access to services

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Musculoskeletal HNA Summary.pptx

Musculoskeletal Health Needs Assessment

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CYP Mental Health & Wellbeing HNA 2019.pptx

A needs assessment for Bedford Borough Council, focussing on prevention, early intervention and access to services

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Armed Forces Community HNA 2018-19.pdf

The purpose of this health needs assessment is to describe the demographics of the local population within the Armed Forces Community, outline specific health and social needs of this population and summarise the national and local services available to support this community

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Sexual Health & Contraception HNA 2022.pdf

This health needs assessment aimed to analyse the current need for sexual health and contraception services among the residents of Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. This was done combining the corporate, comparative and participatory approaches to needs assessment