Demographics Dashboard

The dashboard features information that provides insight into the make-up of the population of Bedford Borough, including: age and sex; ethnicity; life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and population density.

Format: This is a Power BI dashboard, which enables you to interrogate the data and download data and charts specific to your needs.

How to use the Dashboard

This Dashboard is delivered in an interactive Power BI version that will enable you to interrogate the data and charts specific to your needs. You can:

  • Navigate around the pages in the Dashboard by clicking on the page number at the bottom of the screen, which reveals the page menu or by clicking on the arrows
  • Display the Dashboard in full screen mode by clicking the expansion arrows in the bottom right corner
  • Identify which elements you can manipulate by clicking on the i button in the top right corner

Please note: The National and Borough data reflect the 2021 Census. Ward level data from the 2021 Census is not yet available and therefore these profiles use the 2011 Census estimates. This means the sum of wards does not equal the Borough total. These profiles will be updated as and when the data becomes available.